We will Develop Your very Own Investment Solution

Individual funds and single mandates are fund strategies and fund solutions tailored to the requirements of a single investor. Compared to a direct investment, they combine a high degree of flexibility with a wide variety of deployment options and structural variations.

Major benefits of individual funds and single mandates include portfolio, financing and financial accounting effects along with a regulatory optimisation. Investors also benefit from our professional, transparent reporting. Warburg-HIH Invest provides any solution that is suitable as as vehicle for an individual fund.


Individual Funds

Individual funds may be used to implement either a individual investment and management strategy or alternatively a contribution solution or consolidation solution.

  • Contribution solution: Properties directly or indirectly owned by the investor are rolled up into the individual fund.
  • Consolidation solution: Integration of a individual strategy, real estate and other assets into an individual fund.


Single Mandate

Institutional investors opting for a single mandate can choose among the holistic real estate expertise of Warburg-HIH Invest which cooperates closely with the HIH Group. The spectrum of deliverables has a modular set-up and can be customised to suit your purposes.

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Alexander Eggert

Managing Director Warburg-HIH Invest

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Malte Ramthun

Head of Product Development & Management

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